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New Housing Developments

When considering the purchase of a property in Thailand buyers have three basic options:

1. Buy a used (or second-hand) property. always have a large selection of such properties available for sale on our property for sale page.

2. Buy a piece of land and build your own dream home. Similarly we have a large selection of land available in and around Hua Hin on our land for sale page.

3. The third and probably the most popular option is to have us accompany you to the new developments around town where you choose from a vast selection of property styles, land plot sizes and extras such as a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sun terrace, japanese garden or whatever takes your fancy.

Over the past twelve months or so many new housing developments have started up. It is estimated that in Hua Hin right now there is something in the order of 20,000 new homes under construction. A few short years ago there were only a handful of developers, almost all Thai. Now there are many developments all over Hua Hin, not all Thai owned or operated and so the potential buyer is faced with a mammoth task of sifting through them. can help you with this daunting task.

When buying a car there are the average family saloons and the luxury limousines. You get what you pay for. With housing developments it's the same story. One of the major considerations often overlooked when buying a home is location. And when it comes to selling location is everything. You will therefore need to make one or two basic decisions before you begin your search. Firstly how much do you want to spend? This will of course depend on many factors but essentially ask yourself if the home is meant to be a home from home, a holiday home or a permanent residence? Once you have decided on a figure then decide on the size of house and land plot you feel you will need.


Most developers offer smaller homes with the holidaymaker in mind. The larger properties are more geared towards people who have decided to make Thailand their home. Carefully consider plot size. A large plot is very nice but it will also probably mean a large garden and a lot of work for someone. If your only intending to be here for short periods then garden maintenance costs can spiral during your long periods abroad. Similarly maintenance and upkeep on a swimming pool can be very costly if you use it only one month a year! Location, location, location. Thai planning laws are at best haphazard and often ill considered. Road planners seem to put roads wherever they feel there may be an eventual need which could be a serious problem if a new highway is built right next door to you tranquil hideaway (or worse still right through it)! Seriously think about how far you want to be from the town and the beach. As a general rule land closer to the beach is considerably more expensive. A house built close to the beach will inevitably also require more maintenance than one built some way inland due to the general climate here and the affect on the fabric of the building by it.

A distinct advantage of buying on a development is that you can be pretty sure that the developer has done his homework and that no planning laws are likely to affect your new home or land. Then consider design. Developers offer lots of help with this in that many offer a basic layout which you can alter to suit your own tastes. For example Scandinavian buyers like a different kitchen/diner layout to British buyers. All these details can be thrashed out in the office of the developer with our own fluent Thai/British sales staff, to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation!


Many developers build to order so that means your new home will not be started until you have selected your plot and house design, paid a deposit and signed the contract. As a rule of thumb a bungalow takes about 3 to 4 months to build. A two storey house takes about 6 months. Most developers offer stage payments which means that you pay a 10% deposit of the purchase price at the signing of the contract and then the remainder over a fixed period of months in equal monthly instalments. But if you make too many changes to the basic design then this timescale can be seriously prolonged.

From the vast array of developments (new and established) in and around Hua Hin we have selected but a handful. Why? Because we feel that some developments in Hua Hin lack the experience to offer you the customer a decent and value for money product. In selecting the developments we promote we have considered the following:

  • Land price in relation to location being asked for by the developer/accessibility/surroundings/area liable to flooding.
  • Quality of construction.
  • Quality and suitability.
  • Reliability of the developer.
  • Honesty and integrity of the developer.
  • Value for money.
  • Satisfied existing customers.

All the developments we promote have passed our seven point check with flying colours. Therefore we feel that if you buy from one of our recommended developers you can be sure of purchasing a well designed and built home produced by an honest and reliable developer at a fair and reasonable price.

A final point to consider is workmanship. Many foreigners buying houses here expect the same quality as they would see in their own country. Thai housebuilding using modern poured concrete methods has only been around for about thirty years. Standards generally are lower than European standards, although we have recently seen vast improvements in quality.

Please visit our legal advice page for more information on how to buy a house and land in Thailand.


Front of house

Large terrace and pool with mountains

View of pool and rear of house/garden
View of the rear of the house/pool/garden

Large main living area

These are new images of the show home now open to visitors to Fairways Homes Hua Hin, the towns newest and fastest selling high quality British development. Located against a backdrop of spectacular mountain views and just a short hop into downtown Hua Hin this development is ideally situated for peace, comfort and tranquility but also being within easy distance of shops, restaurants and the beach. The setting is unique since properties are located on a plateau with superb mountain views. Plot sizes are large, every one being 800 sqm (0.5 rai). British built and led the first residents have now moved into their homes, every one a satisfied client.


3 large en-suite bedrooms with air conditioning
Bathrooms with shower unit include hot running water
Large living room (69.1 sqm) with guest toilet
European style fully fitted kitchen with granite work surface, hob, extractor fan, hot water
Carport (12 sqm) with tiled roof
12 sqm front terrace
39 sqm L-shape rear terrace which has access to two bedrooms and living room
Various sizes optional swimming pool at very competitive prices
50/50 payment of transfer fees

Additional features:
Concrete drainage system
TV point in bedrooms and living room area
Large water storage tanks
3 pin safety power sockets
Wiring within safety conduits
Any upgrades on fixtures and fittings are available with all homes. All homes are carefully constructed by a good team of experienced builders. The project developers have been in the building industry for over 25 years in England.

Promotional prices (during the construction period):
233 sqm house on a 800 sqm plot of land - just 4,900,000 baht!
233 sqm house on a 1,600 sqm plot of land - only 6,650,000 baht!

Freehold or leasehold options are available. Payment plans are available for homes under construction.

If your looking for something a bit special then Fairways has this too ! There are a number of larger plots up to 1 rai (1600 sq m) in size.

More details of these four properties appear in our property for sale section under property reference number H0799.

Take a look and see the quality. Visit our Contact us page and in the heading type "Fairways" for more information.

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